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Battle Bunker & Iron Dome

Game features developed and only availabe at Paintball Samford

The next evolution in paintball has spawned at Paintball Samford.

Brisbane's best paintballing experience just went to a whole new interactive level. The "Battle Bunker" immerses the player into the action. 6 firing ports ensure an interlocking defensive fire that has only 1 weakness and the assaulting team must exploit it. A well placed shot will close the firing ports blast doors, denying the defenders the use of the firing port and it's defensive fire.

When all 6 blast doors have closed this renders the firing ports inert. The assaulting team must then neutralize the Rapier Air Defence system on top of the Battle Bunker. The ensuing explosion and destruction of the "Battle Bunker" will leave a gap in the defences for the assaulting team to exploit and ensure the success of "Operation Grand Slam" leaving the defenders to retreat back up the tunnel to the last stand at the Fort.

Can your troops take down the "Battle Bunker" and secure victory?