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Bunker Time

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Bunker Time
In skirmish / paintball a paintball field will have Bunkers, structures and barricades are often referred to with the generic term Bunker. Paintball Samford is home to some legendary paintball fields, created and enhanced over 23 years it will blow your mind just how good the paintball arena is.
But we are focusing down to bunkers and how to use them today, no matter what the shape or size some basic rules apply. So basically, if you can get cover behind or in it, the term Bunker gets used. Some bunkers are for fighting from and some are just steppingstones to where you want to go. That’s an important distinction, not every bunker is worth trying to fight from, but they may offer enough cover to keep you in the game. Movement attracts attention and attention attracts paintballs. When you break cover to move you gain a slight advantage from surprise and from the opposition needed to adjust their aim. This advantage evaporates quickly, and you need to sometime plan your advance into a series of short bounds to secondary bunkers to get to that primary fighting bunker.
During paintball games you want good cover and the ability to tuck in from flanking fire. You need to consider the gaps in your cover and angles that are going to reduce the effectiveness of your bunker. Consider the cover and how to effectively fight from it. Popping your head and shoulder up and over the top is a poor option, it exposes you to all angles and telegraphs your position to the opposition. As a rule
you want vertical cover to shoot around so that most of your head, shoulders and gun are still behind the bunkers cover. Using the sides of the cover also allows you to restrict which of the opposition players can see and engage you.
Vary you firing positions, consistently firing from the same part of the bunker in the same position makes you predictable and gives away the initiative and dramatically increases your likelihood of being hit. Vary the position from the bunker that you shoot from and the duration that you shoot. The bigger the bunker the greater the options for you and the harder it becomes for the opposition to take you out.
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