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Christmas Paintball Parties

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Christmas Paintball Parties

Paintball Samford Christmas Paintball Parties whether great for work, your social or sports clubs, we have the Christmas party for you and your mates. No mess, No fuss, No drunken antics and No need to worry. Strengthen friendships, develop teamwork and let them have a great time!
So no matter what your fitness, sex or even personality, there is something for everyone to enjoy by playing paintball. The young, bold and fast can run off and attack. While the older, slower and more cunning can set up the defences. Once you and your team mates have worked out a plan, you can choose to join the reckless charge or be a patient sniper, its pure fun and excitement.
BYO if you please and relax after the fun with a cold drink. We’ll give them a Christmas party that they’ll talk about for years too come.
So don’t get stress, get even and give the boss something to Ho! Ho! Ho! about at this years Christmas party.
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