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Upgrade guns are ready for action!

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Upgrade guns are ready for action!
We've finished the trailing of our upgrade guns and have decide to offer a few different options and combinations. That way you can fine tune how much Whoopass you unleash. We are very excited about is the upgrade guns that we are offering at Paintball Samford. Our BT-Combat is our standard issue gun, we are offering 4 further upgrade gun options, all offering options on firepower and accuracy thanks to the freak barrel upgrades. The interchangeable bore sizes of the freak barrels allow the barrel to be fine-tuned to the paintballs to gain a more consistent velocity and shot to shot accuracy.
We now offer 5 types of paintball guns
BT-4 Combat
Planet Eclipse EMEK
Empire AXE2
Empire Dfender-Aus
We’ve got you covered at Paintball Samford Brisbane best and closest outdoor skirmish paintball centre
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Date & Time: 28-02-2021 04:12:28