Paintball Samford

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Paintball Samford Location


Paintball Samford Location

Entrance Is only accessible from Mt Samson Rd.

Google Maps (see below): Has the Marker correctly position on the only entrance into Paintball Samford. By clicking on directions and entering were you are starting from, Google Maps will show you how to get there, including alternatives routes, distance and time. Only Google Maps has the pointer in the right spot for directions.

GPS Coordinates:enter "Junction of Parker Road & Mount Samson Road" Suburb: "Yugar" Please note do not put in your GPS device '321' as this may lead you astray. Look for the yellow fence and the yellow sign with a big red 321. Our driveway is on "Mount Samson Road" and is 100 metres north bound past Parker Road.

Rural Lot markers are along Mount Samson Road they are a yellow numbered post in front of each Property, we are number 1886. Keep an eye out for them to let you know when you are close.

Please note that when coming via Samford Road from the City, players must make a right turn at the roundabout into Main Street at the Samford village. This turn can be identified by the "Caltex" service station on the corner of the roundabout (This is the only service station in the Samford area).

Main Street becomes Mount Samson Road at the end of the Samford Village and we are about 4kms (5 minutes) out of town on the left hand side. Please ensure that you mention this to your group, because this is a common mistake made by players. They often proceed straight ahead to Mount Glorious.