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Paintball Parties
We cater for.... Everyone!!

paintball party for everyone.

*Players must be over the age of 15yrs to play paintball in Queensland proof of age may be required.

Party With A Difference...Bucks Parties, Hens Parties

samford paintball buck party photo wall

Want to have a great day with your mates? Bucks parties are our specialty. We host many bucks paintball parties and they have always proved very popular with everyone who attends.

We offer free a Paintball Samford T-Shirt to the lucky buck. Most buck's parties like to sign the shirt as a memento of a great day.

Bring your family bring your mates, it's just great fun and a great way to bring your troops together and break the ice.

Your future father in-law might not be a fan of strippers, but we are confident that he'll have a ball at Paintball Samford.

We love a great Bucks costume to so let the fun begin!

Birthday Parties

birthday party getting they're picture taken at the samford paintball booth

A paintball birthday at Paintball Samford is a great way to get your mates together. It is a hughely popular party option for 15th and 16th birthday. After years of waiting to turn 15 they cannot wait to hit the maps and join the battle. We have lots of picnic style tables so bring along snacks, drinks and even a cake and make a day of it.

Players need to be 15years and over to participate. There is no parental consent forms required at paintball Samford under 18's simply fill in their own forms and check themselves in.

Games are supervised and controlled so parents, if you like, can slip down to one of the great cafes down in the Samford Village just 5 mins away.


Team End Of Season Break Up Parties
Paintball Parties

end of season group picture taken in samford paintball photo booth

When the seasons over for another year, before mates go their separate ways, bring your team together with a Paintball end of season team party.

Paintball end of season parties strengthen friendships and builds bonds within sports teams and clubs. So don't let the years teamwork and efforts finish with the final whistle of the season. Check out the enclosed info pack and call for details, you'll get to see your team out on one more field together playing hard and having fun as a team. Building team spirit and having fun is what gets them back on the field together next season.

We have ample picnic style table so BYO food and drink and make a day of it. Many teams do awards presentations to round out a great day.

Work, Social and sports club Christmas and Social Paintball Parties

christmas paintball party croup in photo booth

Whether it's for work, a social club or sports clubs, we have the social or Christmas party for you and your mates. No matter what your fitness, age or even personality, there is something for everyone to enjoy by playing paintball.

The young, bold and fast can run off and attack. While the older, slower and more cunning can set up the defences. Once you and your team mates have worked out a plan, you can choose to join the reckless charge or be a cunning sniper, its pure fun and excitement.

We'll give them a Christmas party that they'll talk about for years too come. We offer the best facilities, most exciting fields and only the highest quality playing equipment. Our safety standards can ensure your peace of mind.

Rations for your Troops!
Catering for your party and common questions

pleanty of paintball party options here is a picture of hens getiiing ready to paintball

We have no BBQs at the field but we have lots of shaded picnic style seating. You are welcome to BYO BBQ's or consider Dominos Pizza 3289 2449 (opens at 11:00am) or Pizza Capers 3289 3522 (opens at 12 noon) at Samford, it's easy and they will deliver to the field.

We have EFTPOS at the field but do not accept American Express or Dinners Club. Try and pay by cash to speed up the check in. Our Uniforms sizes run from Small-7XL so we can cater for most players. All players must be 15 years of age to play, proof of age may be required.

Games sessions run for 3 hours, we will play at least 5-6 maps and 12+games. Scenarios, game play and terrain varies across the maps.